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Need assistance with the complexity of optimizing data centers and private clouds? Or with deploying hybrid-ready private clouds? Bluestack Cloud professionals can help from deciding if you should buy or build all the way to application migration. Our experts support you in developing cloud strategy, extending your capabilities, and with implementation and deployment plans. We will help you understand the opportunities of cloud for your business, which likely include improved agility and support for growth and innovation.

Cloud delivery models enable new business and IT approaches through standardizing applications, infrastructure, testing environments and business processes to improve service delivery, while realizing new levels of efficiency.

The number of choices associated with Cloud requires a solid business case for moving to a Cloud delivery or consumption model - and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Are you bypassing the critical step of building a strategy and business case in a race to capture the benefits of cloud computing? Since Cloud affects all dimensions of the enterprise, from business strategy and operating models, to technology integration and organizational transformation, it requires a solid business design and implementation roadmap.

Rethink and challenge current business models, testing processes and IT strategy in order to deliver real business impact. Bluestack can help your business decrease costs and achieve innovation through its cloud consulting portfolio.

  • Cloud Adoption (Business Value Proposition)

  • Cloud Security & Governance (Security Standards, Implementation of Network, Server, Application and User Level Security)

  • Cloud Automation (Infrastructure Development, Application Building and Deployment, Auto-backup and Recovery plan)

  • Cloud Capacity (Minimum capacity requirement estimations, Scale up and scale down cost estimations, Implementing AWS Trusted advisor instructions)

  • Cloud Cost Assurance (TCO Analysis & TCO Calculation, Projected Bill Calculation)

  • Cloud Migration & Strategy (A 6 phased based step by step Migration strategy)

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