Case Study: Bluestack implements CRM, Wiki and Issue tracking solution on the Cloud.

Customer Challenges:

Bluestack faces a challenge when it comes to customer relationship management which they need for managing customers relations, task management, project management, workforce management and keeping a  track of sales. They also want to create issues and track them in real time. Knowledge base articles have also been a concern in terms of hosting. They need a ready to use, fully secure, cost-effective and a scalable solution implemented keeping in mind strict timelines.


In order to do customer relationship management, Bluestack deployed SugarCRM and deployed Trac for issue tracking and wiki. Bluestack leveraged AWS Cloud Computing Services to cut capital cost and time spent in deploying and setting up physical infrastructure. The solution uses several compute, storage, networking and security services providing highly availability and security. During TCO analysis, Bluestack considered the option of using pre-configured applications from the marketplace but decided against this option. Bluestack opted for deploying services directly to build the solution and established that this option gives more control, flexibility and cost savings. The backup strategy included storing snapshots of tools, configurations and data on cloud. The implemented solution on AWS followed best practices and cloud security principles in order to control the access and network traffic.


Bluestack's solution implementation was within the strict timelines and leveraged the services of AWS cloud. which resulted in quick availability of internal tools and applications. This helped the team move forward with products, services development and customer engagement without waiting for long periods usually required for such deployment activities. This enablement of services ensured business continuity.

Muhammad Ali

Bluestack IT Solutions