Case Study: Automated Instance Backups in the Cloud

Customer Background

Dreamatic is a digital experience and creative agency based in Australia. Through a fusion of strategy, digital, data and creativity, they craft unforgettable experiences that connect clients with their customers. For more details visit

Customer Challenges

Dreamatic Digital marketing had no backups of their instances running in the AWS cloud. They had grave concerns regarding the availability of their data in the event of any failure or disaster. They needed an automated backup system for their AWS EC2 servers with zero down time and an advanced data retention policy.


Bluestack developed a backup solution that takes scheduled backups of all their instances by carefully running scheduled backups at a time when the system has little or no incoming traffic. this approach minimizes impact on production systems to ensure business continuity.  The technologies used for the implementation included Lambda, EC2, S3, Linux, Bash, AWS Cli and Cron job scheduler


Dreamatic Digital has an automated backup system for the AWS cloud resources. These backups do not require any sort of human interference. They data and application is not prone to disasters and failures.

Customer Testimonial

“Bluestack was straightforward to work with and had the necessary skills I required for my project. I would happily work with them again for AWS & Linux configuration services and would not hesitate to recommend them to others”

Muhammad Ali

Bluestack IT Solutions