Passing AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator Associate certification validates technical expertise in deployment, management and operating the AWS platform. People generally believe that passing the AWS associate exams requires tons of professional experience working with AWS technologies. The AWS eligibility criteria for this exam clearly states that candidates must have one or more year of hands-on experience working with AWS based applications.  

However, based on our experience, beginners who do not have one or more years of hands-on experience on AWS can easily and comfortably pass the SysOps administrator associate exam. Even though, prior experience helps but it is not mandatory. Couple of our engineers, who had no prior experience working with the AWS cloud, started to prepare for this exam and spent not more than two months were able to pass the certificate exam with flying colors. Below are the steps, that we believe can help prepare and pass the above certification exam.

As the first step, the candidate needs to understand the scope of the exam and the topics covered. This can be done with the help of Amazon’s exam guide. A quick review of the guide can help the candidate achieve this first step.

Secondly, there are many courses available on the web that can help the candidate prepare for the exam. The best thing about such online courses is that all the course contents and materials are consolidated on one single platform and the candidate can find all the relevant material easily. These courses will give the candidate enough information to understand all topics. However, if there is still something that needs more exploration, the candidate can refer to the AWS official documentation or can read articles on that specific topic on the web. Few examples of such online courses are offered by LinuxAcademy, ACloudGuru, PluralSight and Udemy. The key idea here is to understand all topics included in the certification exam. After this has been done, the candidate can practice by using the free tier account on AWS. The candidate should try to finish the labs performed by the instructor himself and try to think of other scenarios where such topics can be implemented and test them.  

Lastly, read up as much as possible on the topics because the courses will only enable the candidate to answer about 70 to 75 percent of the exam questions, for the remaining part one needs to read AWS documentation and white papers. Read the AWS documentation related to the topics covered in the course and it will help the candidate score good marks on the certification exam. White papers are also play an important role since they will help the candidate understand the AWS market standards and best practices.

Muhammad Ali

Bluestack IT Solutions