Monitoring Web Applications Availability using AWS Route53

Why AWS Route53

When the requirement is as simple as keeping a close check that your website does not go down Route53 is one of the cheapest, simplest and most reliable option.

There are a number of other options as well that mostly are suitable for high level monitoring of your web application. The most common option is to purchase some tool or write your own utilities.Tools like Uptime, monitor etc.  normally provide with all the required capabilities of monitoring availability, traffic, health and performance of your application. but can be difficult to configure and administer as they might require technical expertise. Similarly writing your own utilities for web monitoring requires good grip over some programming or scripting language and overhead effort of setup and configuration.  

Following few simple steps you can create a checker that connects to your application after every 30 seconds and sends an email notification when the application goes down.


You must create an AWS account.
With new AWS account you can use free tier eligible services and products free for first year.


1.   Login to your AWS console and go to the Route53 service.

2.   From the navigation panel appearing at the left of your console select “Health checks” and select “Create health check”

3.   Now, fill in the fields as per snapshot below. You need to assign a name to your health-check. Provide protocol type i.e. http or https and address to your website.


4.   Click Next
Now, you need to create a new SNS Topic that will hold a list of email addresses and send email to them after being unable to connect to your application.



5.   Click “Create health check”.
Your health check will take some time in setting up and will show its status as healthy or unhealthy in case of successful or unsuccessful https connection to your website respectively

Muhammad Ali

Bluestack IT Solutions