Bluestack attends the AWS Summit Dubai 2018

On the 1st of May 2018, Bluestack attended the Amazon Web Services (AWS) summit held in Dubai. This was the first AWS summit in the region and it attracted a huge crowd belonging to different enterprises and industries.

The event kicked off early morning and everyone was welcomed with a keynote speech by Mike Clayville, VP for worldwide commercial sales and business development at AWS. Mike gave an introduction on the new AWS services that has got everyone really excited and has attracted new customers towards AWS. He also explained to the attendees how customers all around the world are leveraging AWS core services and how they are build really amazing products and helping their customers accelerate technologically.

The keynote session included AWS customer stories from the region. We heard stories from Al Tayer Group, Union Insurance, and MBC. They explained how they use AWS to solve problems within their organizations and how it helps them innovate much quickly and deliver cloud solutions at scale.

After the keynote session, the event was split into four tracks namely Advanced Enterprise Applications, Cloud Innovations, Architecture & Containers and Getting started on AWS. These tracks covered basic as well as advanced content targeting all the audience. The getting started on AWS track was mainly focussed on people who are beginning their journey to the cloud. The architecture and containers track focussed on running different types of workloads on AWS and having the right architecture for your applications. Cloud innovations track focussed on the new services from AWS including Big Data, Machine learning, IoT and Serverless Architectures. Finally, the Advanced Enterprise Applications track focussed on the running enterprise application and their specific requirements and what AWS can offer to enterprise applications.

There were also many activities planned at the summit. The first activity was “Ask an Expert” on the 6th floor of the hotel. Here many people asked technical questions related to AWS and discussed specific use cases and pain points from AWS Architects and engineers.  

The second activity was the “Partner & Solutions Expo” which was setup at both 2nd and the 6th floor of the hotel. Here we met with our fellow attendees, partner representatives, cloud technology providers and consultants. We also witnessed some really amazing product demonstrations as well.

The third activity was “Meet AWS experts”. You could walk to the AWS Booth on the 6th floor and ask any question from AWS. We met with the local AWS Business team, Partner team, Marketplace team and chatted with some of the startups based on AWS.

The fourth activity was “Startup Central”. It was also on the 6th floor and there was a space reserved for startups where you could meet with professionals from startup companies, listen to their stories, attend educational sessions, share best practices and get 1 to 1 assistance from experts.

The fifth activity was “Training & Certification”. Here many attendees asked questions related to building their expertise and skill set on AWS and the all the available options. The AWS Training and Certification team and the local AWS Training partners helped numerous attendees figure out the right way to excel their skills and knowledge on AWS.  

The last activity was “AWS Marketplace”. The attendees had the opportunity to meet with AWS Marketplace experts and learn how to deploy softwares on AWS within minutes.

We had a great time at the AWS Summit Dubai 2018. It was the first ever AWS summit in Dubai and we witnessed a huge turn out. We met with a lot of people from industry, experts from AWS, sponsors and partners. We believe that AWS has a lot to offer to its customers and such key events in the region play an important role in creating awareness.  

Moiz Arif

Bluestack IT Solutions