Advantages of Hosting your static website on Amazon S3


There is an increasing trend nowadays where many organization use Cloud based storage services, like Amazon S3 for hosting a complete static website. Using AWS this can be done by following some simple configurations steps. In S3 console, you create a bucket, enable web hosting feature and provide public read access. You can upload your static files directly or using any S3 client. Once you have done all configurations in S3, you are provided with a link that you can directly launch in browser to visit the website. This URL can also be mapped to a domain name using Route53. In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages to this approach.

A complete guide on how to do this can be found here


Now, let's discuss some of the core benefits of hosting your static website on S3

1. No CAPEX expenditures

S3 is fully responsible for serving your content to the visitors and completely eliminates the need of purchasing hosting servers or launching virtual machines and managing web server.

2. Scale up automatically

Without making any changes to your initial setup AWS S3 will automatically scale up the infrastructure to meet the growing demand.

3. High Availability

Amazon guarantees 99.99% availability of S3 which means there is almost no chance of losing your data. S3 achieves this by replication across multiple data centers

4. Fast Content Serving with Amazon CloudFront

If you have globally distributed audience then CloudFront can help you deliver the contents in a very efficient manner. CloudFront has 70 data centres, called edge locations, all across the globe. Content of your website are cached at these edge locations and every visitor is served via the nearest edge location hence decreasing the latency and resulting in optimum response time.

5. Negligible costs

Hosting your small to medium sized static website would cost you few dollars monthly. For example see the sample costing provided below

S3 Standard Storage: 1 GB

PUT and other similar requests: 30000

GET and other similar requests: 30000

Data transfer out: 3 GB

Data transfer in: 3 GB

Route53 Hosted Zones: 1

Standard Queries to Route53: 1 million per month

Cost per month: $1.30

Using AWS Monthly Calculator you can easily calculate the monthly bill for hosting your static website on S3 and Route53. You can also add details of your CloudFront setup if you are planning to use it.


Websites nowadays are mostly developed in the static fashion using html, css and JavaScript. This makes the application more responsive and light weight as it does not require code running at the server side. Considering this new trend, it has become very important for the devOps Engineers to know how to host a static website on S3.

Muhammad Ali

Bluestack IT Solutions