28 January 2018, Dubai, UAE
Bluestack Cloud recently developed a bespoke analytics and visualization solution to serve key operational and business stakeholders at the renowned Qasid Institute. Through the use of advanced cloud technology they shortened the typical timeframe to bring value to their customers. The solution made it easy to integrate various unconnected data sources, while extracting, transforming and enriching the raw data. The solution provided views of the data relevant to the needs of key customer stakeholders through a visualization platform that contextualises the data specific to their role and function.

Qasid is a leading Arabic learning institute based in Amman Jordan. It provides several courses on learning Arabic for beginners and Advanced level students. The courses are led by qualified instructors both in physical classes and via online learning management systems. Large numbers of students fly into Jordan every year to learn Arabic. The institute is partnered with some of the most renowned universities such as Harvard, Oxford, Georgetown, CSU, University of Oslo and more. They are also affiliated with international Aid Organizations and NGOs such as UN, USAID, International Red Cross, UNICEF, UK Foreign Office, AMIDEAST, to name a few.

Qasid uses different SaaS and in-house developed business applications to support online learning, managing teacher’s schedules, recording their timings, student related services such as admissions, scoring and enrollments. For more information on Qasid please visit

Their operational team generates several reports on daily, weekly basis and at the end of their semester/terms to highlight important factors to their management which help them in taking important business decisions. The main business challenge is that these reports are created in excel sheets after following a lengthy and manual process. The data required for generating the reports is gathered manually from the different SaaS and portal applications being used by Qasid.

Qasid required an automated solution that displays the required visual reports with least human intervention.

Bluestack developed an analytics reporting solution on AWS using the following services

S3 – Serves the purpose of Raw storage location where customer can place the data files

Lambda – Some of csv raw data files are not in the regular format, they are in a complicated non-standard format. Lambda function downloads such data files, normalizes the files and uploads again back to the S3 buckets.

Lambda is configured to make the functions as dynamic as possible by passing the runtime variables in the form of Lambda environments variables to make a weak bound between code and configurations. The human intervention to run the Lambda as part of whole system operation is eliminated by using AWS CloudWatch events of S3. As a result uploading of raw data in the Bucket is being automatically picked and normalized for next stages.

GLUE – Glue crawlers are used to connect the S3 bucket and load data files into catalog Database

Amazon Athena – Athena is used to perform direct querying on the database and expose data to QuickSight

QuickSight – Connects to Athena database and creates a dataset. Uses custom SQL queries to combine and mash up the data. Visualizes the integrated data


12 December 2017, Dubai, UAE
Bluestack Cloud provided consultancy for developing a disaster recovery solution leveraging key cloud capabilities supporting secure online data storing, sharing and backup system, high levels of data protection, ease of data sharing and access while at the office and on move.  

The ATS International Group of companies is a leading supplier of premium quality diesel engine & agricultural tractor parts to Original Equipment Manufacturers and aftermarket distributors in over 65 countries worldwide. It has majority of sales operational team working in Middle East. For more information please visit

Collaborating with each work and sharing data on the move and also ensuring data security was one big challenge for the company. Some of other challenges were

  • Expensive hardware and software for on-premises file storage system.
  • Inadequate disaster recovery plan.
  • Inadequate remote accessibility.
  • Inadequate security for in-house and remote access.

Bluestack Cloud provided expertise in setting up and managing a cloud based solution that offered ATS both online and offline operational work and collaboration. It supported granular access control for ensuring security based on the employee’s role. The storage system ensured global and mobile accessibility. Gave ATS the option of restricting access outside the office premises. Bluestack provided complete guidance on setup, configuration and management of a storage system that supported multi factor authentication, data encryption and keeping local master copies.

Some of the crucial benefits ATS received from the consultancy were versatile accessibility, enhanced security, better team collaboration and robust administrative control.

Remarks from Samir Sheikh, the Managing Director of ATS International Group:

"I would highly recommend the Bluestack team for assessing and implementing Cloud based solutions for Networking, Backup, Disaster Recovery etc. using Amazon Web Services and MS Azure. I found they were highly professional, trustworthy and competent. They took the time to understand our business requirement thoroughly and properly researched the best solution that was suitable for our company, not just pushing what was easiest or most profitable for them as many companies tend to do. They responded promptly and knowledgeably and enabled us to compare various options and implement the best solution for our business"

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29 January 2018